La chirurgie de l'oreille par voie endoscopique : Dr LYER

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A l’occasion du Congrès Mondial , ORL 75 vous convie à une réunion exceptionnelle pour vous présenter une structure de formation internationale accessible à tous: Les Masterclass par le professeur Shahed Quraishi, Consultant Otolaryngologist, Thyroid and Parathyroid Surgeon, Director, ENT Masterclass®,

'The ENT Masterclass story:
ENT Masterclass® is a novel concept to provide high quality training in Otorhinolaryngology, free at the point of delivery. It is a multimedia international training platform in Otolaryngology and allied fields, delivered by a faculty of National and International repute. The first course took place in January 2005 at Doncaster Royal Infirmary, England and was a runaway success. We are now in our fourteenth year and the 14th Annual International ENT Masterclass® will be held at Doncaster Royal Infirmary, England (26-28th Jan 2018) with faculty from 4 continents.
ENT Trainees, General Practitioners and Senior Nurses from the UK, Europe, Australia, America, Africa and Asia have attended and benefitted from these intensive masterclasses which cover wide topics including otology, rhinology, laryngology, head and neck surgery, paediatric ENT, radiology, pathology and medicolegal issues.
The ENT Masterclass® Gold Medal for the best Trainee's short paper was introduced at 7th Annual Masterclass in Jan 2011. The Cyber Textbook for ENT surgery has just published its 4th Edition with approx 400 surgical videos on a large variety of ENT procedures which is a very popular part of our free resources.
International centres: London, Berlin, Beijing, Hong Kong, Cape Town, Sydney, Delhi, Mumbai, Jeddah and Lausanne (2018).

ATTENTION: Le nombre de participants est limité à 40, et l’inscription est indispensable.

Inscrivez vous vite.

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